Ziegler Construction, Renovation, Remodeling, Custom Carpentry, General Contractor, Bethlehem, PA
Ziegler Construction, Renovation, Remodeling, Custom Carpentry, General Contractor, Bethlehem, PA

Where custom made is customary.


We have been involved in commercial and institutional work for over 25 years. The store front for the 16 Plus franchise is an example of a commercial fit-up in a shopping mall. Appearance matters and attention to detail becomes critical when you are creating a first impression. Durability of an installation is also critical to the commercial and institutional customer. Careful attention to design, products used and installation are provided to ensure that the look shares equal ground with the durability.

We also specialize in restorative carpentry to match and repair building facades, exteriors and interiors or to build that special feature that you need. We enjoy projects that require attention to detail and that also challenge us to provide high function and durability. 


Stadium seating at colleges and universities represent a large capital expenditure.  Seating must be inspected and certified by an engineer periodically to protect the college or university if an injury occurs.  Often times these seats receive excessive wear from being jumped on or stood upon.  With specialized repair techniques both mechanically and through a process developed by Ziegler Construction – plastic welding, seating can be repaired saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in new capital expenditures to replace them.  Ziegler Construction has worked with stadium seating certified inspectors to ensure that the seating and needed repairs are performed.

16 Plus women's clothing mall store in Leominster, MA. Tile and glass storefront. Tile entryway. Multi-soffited ceiling. Abundant use of slat wall. 


Old gas station converted to simple office for chiropractor


Porch restoration for client — Lehigh University. Extensive work to badly-damaged porch. New Spanish cedar railings. New columns, fascia and moldings.


Extensive work to transportable basketball court at Stabler Arena, Lehigh University 


Extensive repairs, maintenance and improvements to telescopic seating and subframe for annual certification by engineer. Stabler Arena, Lehigh University 


12,000 sq ft building for Red Cross (rear) in Bucks County prior to landscaping. 


Extensive work for 150-year-old "Georgian style" mansion for client — Lehigh University. University and Alumni prefer restorative work rather than repair or replacement with newer components and materials. Example: most contractors replace an old wooden door with a new blank steel door; we don't and instead give the clients what they really want ... a restored door that looks better than it has in years while still incorporating some modern elements necessary for safety and security. 



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